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Rabbits, October 18th

Every week our spaces on the bluff are covered more and more in beautiful golden leaves. Today was picturesque and it seemed like the group was fully embracing the warm weather and the brilliant colours. We started the day with more of a meditative activity where we found leaves and described what they looked like to us. Kind of like imagining what clouds look like but with leaves. From there we had our hand at embroidering the delicate leaves...with some successes and many attempts. While some children stayed with the crafting, others headed out to use obstacle course materials and loose parts to work on building a fort. This evolved into a wonderful imaginative game that engrossed the entire class. There was a stuffy hospital, a queen and a king, knights defending against attacking armies, princesses and more. We also had a little treasure hunt to find gourds and once found we used for target practice and an impromptu game of tether ball(gourd). We ended the class with gathering around an art station to sample paint that Emmy had made using berries and mud and listening to her story of how it was made.

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