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Rabbits, Oct 26

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

As per tradition, we tried our best for a 'gross' Halloween, but also a day of exciting games and art explorations. Out of our ideas grew a vivid interest in daisy chains, which resulted in a longest chain competition between Noah and Bean! To be continued next week! The spiders that hung on the chain were made of items we found around us, truly a fall celebration.

During our cauldron kitchen, the children wrote down the recipes for their work; 3 drops of zombie drool (my personal 'grossest' favourite), 4 Frankenstein hairs, 3 cups of 'blud', and so on! Some sanded down and decorated wands to be able to make spells with this potion. We ended our day with a discussion about fear; fear likes a friend, and once you've shared your fear it tends to get smaller. In their journal they drew a web of people they can share their fear with. A wonderful end to a creative day!

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