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Rabbits, Nov. 7th

The Rabbits had an action packed class this week. Maybe it was the post Halloween sugar rush, or the extra sleep from the time-change, but it seemed like everyone was up for new challenges and adventure today.

We did some tree climbing and explored the bike park (Emmy's special request)!

Can you spot the Queen, asleep under her throne?

During free time, those who were interested worked on sewing a pouch. Later in the day, during our sit spot time we all worked on sewing a button onto some fabric for some quiet, focused time.

Celine taught as all a new knot, that we all practiced and used to tie up a friend or teacher.

We played on the slack line, and had to figure out as a group the rules and expectations for using it safely. The Rabbits decided that 4 kids at a time on the slack line is a good rule of thumb.

More knot practice.

The tool circle included a big, soggy, sad pumpkin and many tools were explored as the pumpkin reached its demise.

We are on fall break next Tuesday, so we will see everyone back on the bluff on November 21.

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