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Rabbits, Nov 21

Today the Rabbits enjoyed a game of What's in the Bag? where they used only their sense of touch to explore an object and then drew their guess of what it was on a piece of paper. This was also a good test of self-control since they had to try not shout out their guesses!

We'll play again next week and each child is welcome to bring their own object from home (something that will fit in their hand/a small bag). Ask your Rabbit what they discovered this week and what they'd like to bring to surprise the class with.

We continue to learn social emotional skills on top of physical literacy from our active play together. Today we had a discussion about what helps a game be fair and fun, how we balance those needs, and what we do when we have big feelings about how the game is going. The Rabbits are learning from each other, and as teachers it is cool to see what each child contributes to the group and the values and ideas they bring from home to the play culture.

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