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Rabbits, Nov. 15th

To welcome our substitute teacher, Anne we started with a game of Who Am I to introduce ourselves and have a little fun guessing what animals we were. This lead us to teaching Anne some of our forest school games like Predator Prey and Coyote Stick.

After warming up with games we set up some paints to see how we could decorate the snow. Some beautiful creations were made and evolved into target practice using coffee filters and spray bottle, free play with the kitchen and some fun in the tool circle.

Although it was warmer then last week we decided to keep moving after some creations were made. We headed up the hill again to try and find some shovels that we lost last class. We used compasses and tried to remember distinctive markers on the hill to retrace our steps. Once we gained some height, Dell was very kind in sharing his sled for everyone to use on the pathway. It was a bit of a bob sled kind of ride. Sharing strategies were well used so that everyone felt satisfied. We also found one shovel!

Venturing down the hill to the bike park we again practiced taking turns and encouraging one another in tree climbing. This was not an easy tree to climb and although not everyone made it to the top there were valuable discussions about how to support each other, motivate each other and give each other pointers. This was an exercise in patience with the group as well with ourselves. The kids climbed to their own comfort levels and all reached great heights!

Thank you to Anne for being such a wonderful substitute!

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