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Rabbits, March 8

Teamwork and strategy were themes for Rabbits today; in our kangaroo races, which became three-legged races as well as in the free play wolf pack game the children concocted and played at length, eventually involving the entire class. Rabbits are having mature conversations about complex issues like inclusion, kindness and friendship, grappling with these ideas and discussing them with teacher support as they are relevant in their play. We are impressed by the maturity, care, respect and thoughtfulness displayed by the children and their ability to come up with strategies to resolve difficult tensions. The wolf pack game was a fine example of these socio-emotional skills being exercised and children finding their own way forward and using play to strengthen their relationships with each other.

Welcoming back Ms Megan from Australia, we shared a wonderful story "Possum Magic" by Mem Fox, a beloved Aussie children's book and in keeping with the magical food that made Hush become visible, we enjoyed pavlova and tasted ("enjoyed" would be an exaggeration for most of the class) Vegemite sandwiches. Our possum puppet friend Hush visited and enchanted at the end of class and will be back by request next week.

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