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Rabbits, March 2

Themes Explored:

-track identification

-story telling

-fire building (tinder)

-making good choices


Skills Embraced:

-being able to draw a track and notice the details of the foot

-creating a story with three 'prompts', or tracks

-finding the right tinder for the fire; dry and old and crackly!

-deciding to go in the mud or not based on how they feel at the end of it, or where they have to be after this! Making good decisions based on future consequences. We're a big believer in natural consequence; some felt quite OK being in the mud, so it was a good decision for them, some said they wouldn't do it again, so a good time to try it out!

Connection Questions: Give your child three tracks, and ask them to create a story based on those tracks. Be amazed! What makes good tinder? What is the best campfire snack?

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