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Rabbits, March 1

Our Rabbits are big into four things right now; maps, minecraft lego, fort building and eye spy.

Maps are teacher initiated, but following their interested and growing ability to place landmarks and items related to those landmarks on a map, we are increasing their challenges every week! This week it was teachers versus kids, and it was very close! I'd like to say there were 10 of them, and only two of us. Just sayin'!

Minecraft Lego is pulled out at free time, and seems to be something like our miniature animals; they are slowly using the loose parts around them as part of their play. The social skills that are being practiced, such as including others, entering a play that's already started, and deciding roles, makes this one of many reasons this is worthwhile!

Fort building saw the addition of a working moat - a happy dance was performed when it was complete! Not everyone can go in this fort, so we are interested to see how this progresses!

Eye Spy is a game we are playing during our Sit Spot, setting it up for others during our time alone and trying to use our noticing skills afterwards to find theirs. Try this at home - your Rabbit knows what to do!

Connection Questions:

* what did you explore in free time?

* how do you feel about the fort?

* what's the hardest part about working together in Rabbits?

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