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Rabbits, January 18

The Rabbits went from adventure to adventure today! From mapping and finding stuffies, to launching them on homemade catapults, to being a predator or prey in a game, to getting turned into a Yeti...the goal was to stay warm, and I believe we did!

The highlight was the popcorn on the fire; due to the cold, the Rabbits weren't as involved in the fire as they normally would be, but some joined in to cook the popcorn, and all joined in to eat it! We celebrate how resilient the Rabbits are, and not just how able they are to prepare for the cold, but how they are able to...endure is not the right word...enjoy the cold? Yes, enjoy it!

Our popcorn maker was inspired by this page (cheap and easy to make!):,to%20create%20some%20warmer%20embers.

Connection Questions:

What landmarks did you put on your stuffie map to help your partner find them?

What animal were you in the animal game, and how did you stay alive?

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