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Rabbits, January 17th

We spent our morning in the bike track under the dappled sun that streamed through the trees. Our day started by testing our physical strength and agility. Before the break the Coyotes taught us some Inuit games that we attempted again. Ask your Rabbit about the Ox-Push, the Back Push, the leg Wrestle or the Kneel Jump.

The Games evolved into unstructured play that allowed the kids to explore the ice track in a new way; through the eyes of dragons, squirrels and snow tigers. Through this imagination game different shelters/dens were made and the children divided themselves between hunters and prey. The entire space of the bike track was utilized. It is not an easy space to navigate with all of the ice and the Rabbits were great at practicing their caution while staying absorbed in the game.

The Rabbits also practiced their judgement and safety scaling one of the trickiest trees to climb on the bluff. They collaborated with each other and offered suggestions as well as concerns to figure out how to ascend. Eventually they worked together to hoist up a rope to help with the climb.

Towards the end of the day we brought out a meaple making station and the tool circle. We decorated our meaples from last class; making clothes for them as well as houses! Lost in the magic and imagination of the meeples and creating miniture worlds, the Rabbits became absorbed in their imaginations. Sometimes sharing their stories with one another and sometimes keeping to themselves. We also had a very active tool circle where 'drowning pools' of doom were made out of candles and Irvin even made himself a bench!

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