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Rabbits, Jan 11

The morning started with saving our stuffie friends from the pit of doom/ chasm of death. The Rabbits had to rescue their stuffie either by working in a team or solo with a number of restraints. They were very creative in their designs, combing pulleys, baskets/hammocks, sticks and other ropes to move their stuffie across the pit. Ask your Rabbit about their design, who helped them and if they successfully completed level two.... shark attack. There was lots of teamwork, and failure but in the end everyone had a design they were proud of.

After playing yeti ball most of the Rabbits spent free time in the tool circle carving swords or other weapons while a few practiced their match lighting. Since it was such a beautiful day our sit spot was extra long! The Rabbits had to design a habitat for their little animal, making a home and any extra features. Everyone took great care and came up with very creative caves and hiding spots. Ask your Rabbit which animal they had and how they made a home for them?

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