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Rabbits, Feb 20

The newly named Red Foxes (formerly Rowls) made us an aMAZEzing obstacle course! Complete with a zipline, rope swing, and a maze that we had to escape using our knowledge of the cardinal directions (N, S, E, W). We spent our free time with the Red Foxes and enjoyed building forts and excavating artifacts (sticks) from the ice.

Playing in a big group brings out new dynamics and there is some competition and forming of teams, but not everyone is sure that they want to fight/compete. We're looking forward to talking as a class about how these dynamics affect the Rabbits and asking how we want to play together, and we know the Red Foxes are doing the same.

Earlier in the day we also walked to the top of the bluff to get a different perspective of our space and draw a bird's-eye-view map of the area. On the way back we explored a fun sliding spot and Emmy found an animal skull on the path! What creature do you think it could be from? We're all making guesses and Emmy and her family are going to do some research and come back with an answer next class.

Connecting Questions

  • What parts of the bluff have you explored now?

  • Where is your favourite place to play?

  • What's it like playing with the older class?

  • What was a challenging moment for you during the day?

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