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Rabbits, Feb 15

We are very impressed how capable the Rabbits are with their compass directions. What began as a 'level 1' exercise turned into a 'level 3' experience! We are even getting comfortable with NW, NE, SW and SE. The Burrowing Owls planned a scavenger hunt for us, using a 'bunny' theme. We had to follow a hunt using the directions, which led us to a homemade surprise - thank you Burrowing Owls! We loved it! We also payed Yeti Ball with them, which is a challenge as they are fast!

Connection Questions:

-Can you tell me about the compass directions? Do you want to play the game you played at school, at home with me? (For example: North 15, East 10, West 3). They'll know it!

-What is your strategy during Yeti Ball?

-What is your favourite thing to do during free time?

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