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Rabbits, Feb 1

The Rabbits today were ready to run and play, with many games planned and many surprise games! The Tuskan Raiders have been showing up in the free play (a Star Wars species) and we're trying to give everyone the same knowledge. Today, the juvenile Tuskan's had to complete a task in order to become a raider, and everyone was successful! (it involved a scavenger hunt, a dragon and a pearl!).

We all enjoyed meeting up with the older class that runs at the same time, the Burrowing Owls. We joined them at the bike track for a game of Yeti Ball, after having read a book about Yeti's and if they are real or not. Everyone would like to meet up again!

Connection questions:

-How do you play Yeti ball, and what was your strategy?

-do you enjoy playing Tuskan Raiders? Why or why not?

-What do you think a Yeti looks like?

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