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Rabbits, Dec. 6th

We have had some cold days early in the season this year and the Rabbits take the cold temperatures in full stride. We started the day braving the wind and challenging ourselves with a very tricky climb and traverse up the bluff. This was a new spot to the Rabbits and they were excited for the adventure. Some found the climb quite difficult and the Rabbits really pulled together to make sure everyone made it to the top. We didn't last long at the top because of the wind, but it was an awesome accomplishment (some did it multiple times) and a really fun slide down.

We warmed up with some free time while being sheltered by the trees. The Rabbits had fun colouring the snow, making ice and as typical with the Rabbits getting lost in imaginative play.

At the cabin we got very festive making popcorn garlands, orange pomanders and singing Christmas carols....or versions of carols! We were very impressed when the popcorn garlands turned into a mathematical pursuit. It became a game of figuring out how many kernels/marshmallows can be eaten per day with the remaining days left before Christmas. Treasures were made as we sipped on hot chocolate.

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