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Rabbits, April 19

One never knows exactly what will happen at Forest School; today, a loose part started us off with a discussion and a group adventure - carrying the long, metal fence to the bike track! On the way back, one decided that because the person who wanted it wasn't helping, she wasn't going to carry it either. And that ended the loose part!

We are digging in to our mapping skills, using distance and compass directions to lead others to treasure. Thank you for sending those little treasures - they keep us motivated! Noah wondered today about the possibility of an electric compass ... there is one! The GPS will be introduced next week as part of our geocaching adventure!

The snow also kept us on our toes - literally! The children came up with games and activities (like running around a track, and Yeti Tag) to stay warm, and they were great troupers, as they all managed to make it to the end of the day. We look forward to many days with the green grass this must be creating!

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