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Rabbits, April 13

Themes Explored:

- ducks of Alberta

-pond life

-lashing (knots)

-noticing details

-physical literacy: hiking in varied terrain

-Prairie grasses, flowers and shrubs

Skills Embraced:

-lashing to build a raft

-painting one's duck to represent a duck that we can see or observe in a field guide

-the concept of waterproofing, and the duck's natural waterproofing ability

-troubleshooting to create a balanced raft

-observing the behaviours of the ducks and wondering 'why' they act that way

-hiding and running games to get 'down and dirty' with the natural environment

Connection Questions:

-How did your raft work? What would you like to add or change to it? -What kind of duck did you paint?

-What was a question you had about something the ducks did?

-Did you notice a new plant at Bowmont?

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