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Rabbits, 7 Sept

Ms Megan and Ms Lea were so pleased to see again, or meet for the first time, this group of Rabbits! What a cohesive and imaginative group of children; this group will do great things!

We introduced a challenge; make a space, a place, that we can all fit under. This group took it away and we were so amazed at what they came up with! Some decided to work together to create a large, cozy space, and some chose to create their own space with their own personal touches. Both of these choices were celebrated and supported. We will continue to support their learning in these areas next week!

We enjoyed a lovely, quiet Sit Spot (our quiet time alone in the forest), together today! We listened for 'texture' in the sounds. Can't wait for next week!

Connection questions:

What sound did you listen for? What was it? What did you add to your fort/space? What else do you think it needs?

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