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Rabbits, 28 Feb

A beautiful Winter day full of fun with running games, making ice cream in the snow, sharing our experiences as a group, ziplining and shelter building with some imaginative play with soft toys and a little sliding and wrestling to enjoy the soft snow!

We made ice cream by mixing a few of tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk and vanilla essence in a huge pot of soft snow... it was enjoyed by all as we sat under a shelter some of our class had made, tying the knots themselves, choosing a location and figuring our how to get it just as they wanted it. These simple tasks are a great opportunity for problem solving in partnership, learning the essential outdoor skills of shelter building and knot tying while having the autonomy and support to build something they imagine and collectively create.

We setup a zipline which was enjoyed by all, with questions of how to make it faster, or higher and then working with the children to make these changes, learning some new knot tying techniques along the way and discussing simple principles of gravity and speed.

We shared stories of vacations and recent experiences as a couple from our class had returned from trips or time away, allowing the children to manage the group conversation naturally with asking attentive questions of each other and listening when others speak, furthering the skills we have been developing with interview/debriefing activities.. it is great to see how this group share openly and listen attentively.

We played some great running games, including predator prey, which evolved into a number game where bigger numbers would chase smaller assigned numbers, bringing in some numeracy and order knowledge, upon one of our class' suggestion and getting us warmed up and moving after eating ice cream.

We ended class with some more games and sliding and a little exploring on our way back to our pick up spot, allowing the youngest in our group to be a leader keeping the group together on the little expedition back.

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