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Rabbits, 26 Apr

Rabbits took their navigation skills to the next level today by using electric compasses. Upon Noah's suggestion, we used an electric compass to measure distance and direction, in an extension exercise to find hidden treasure (geo-cache like trinkets). These electric compasses can be used to mark a location by satellite. This is then used by others to find the exact spot with distance as well as direction given. To solidify the childrens' sense of direction on the Bluff, we created a giant map at the top of the hill showing landmarks and natural features in each direction and used the vantage point to get a strong sense of orientation on the Bluff, and in general in Calgary, eg.mountains to the West, etc.

The interest in animals in imaginative play inspired us to bring face paints and fabrics to further stimulate this creative play and enhance immersion in this social role playing. We had some spectacular animals, including a red fox (Bean) and a bear , everyone painted their face and seemed to enjoy the liberation and immersion this pretend play facilitated. We also took the interest in animals to begin working on a collective artwork, involving all our animals on canvass. This canvass will become the illustration of a story we will construct in coming weeks with our animals as the characters.

This dynamic bunch of rabbits is skilled at imaginative play. Their play is robust and rich. Through this play they explore social roles and hierarcies, and do the important work of teasing apart complex concepts like, inclusion, possession, friendship, choice and control. They play respectfully and deeply. We are gaining great insight into each child and their relationships with each other, through observing this play. As teachers, we are grateful for the many subtle learning opportunities it provides, facilitating moments for modelling and one-on-one discussion when appropriate.

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