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Rabbits, 12 Nov

Bows and arrows and imaginative play dominated our class today. The bows and arrows worked well and were an excellent activity to troubleshoot improvements, practice patience and develop fine motor skill with carving. These prideful weapons were put to great use by the 'guards' to protect the 'family' in the play that arose.

The whole class engaged in rich imaginative play, inspired by the fort/shelter made from a sheet and logs. There were family roles devised with corresponding responsibilities and clever adaptations to incorporate each person's ideas, for example guards for those with bows and arrows and a mom going to 'work' to get a 'break from the kids'! This type of play is foundational to interpreting their world, social role understanding and experimentation in relationship. The acting out of a role allows children to step outside their usual ways of being, a process which helps build empathy, creatively formulates identity and builds trust in friendships.

The Rabbits got to know each other more intimately and strengthened connections through a paired sharing activity with questions and dice. Questions included "what's goofy about you?" and "is there something you are learning at the moment or a skill you are getting better at with practice?". Also we played the name game to help our newest Rabbit, Avaleigh, get to know the class.

The Rabbits also played team/ running game akin to capture the flag. This was followed by an impressive strategic analysis of the game and a list of rule changes to implement next week.

Our reflective activity contemplated the symbology and characteristics of animals to consider which animal might be our totem and which might represent people in our lives. This organically led to some lovely sharing about the qualities they had noticed in their peers and the animals they are akin to. For example Bean was identified as being like the wolf, as she likes to play in a pack and she established the 'family' play all engaged with in class.

We look forward to observing the development of the imaginative play these Rabbits engage in and watching what loose parts (play materials) might further spark their creativity.

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