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Rabbits, 1 Nov

Halloween fun and games! Thank you for bringing your jack-o-lanterns today..they were strung up from trees, drilled into, cut up, dropped from a height with pulleys and ropes, smashed like pinata and minced! The hand mincer was a great source of joy for those who thrilled at the gross noodles they could create. The zombie brains (green oatmeal) and werewolf guts (red spaghetti) left over from our games at the beginning of class were used as ingredients in their magnificent minced creations...

A satisfying tactile experience, full of fun and exploration. With some really insightful observations made about texture and colour in the materials around them.

A wonderful storytelling fort sprung up for telling spooky stories by torchlight. Our class of Rabbits are imaginative and relish opportunities to engage in oral storytelling. The confidence this lends each child and the interpersonal communication skills they develop in listening to each other and self managing when to contribute, is rich. This storytelling fort emerged totally of their own making (we just offered the torch) and was an engaging activity for a long teachers just got to eavesdrop from the outside...magic!

The pumpkins and fresh snowfall lent a physicality and a sensuality to our class today which permeated all activities... children could be seen dreamily swinging on swings, or looking up privately to feel the freshly falling snow, sitting in trees taking in the scene of the new snow...these were contrasted with the liberating physicality of hitting and smashing pumpkins with great gusto and then the squirming and squealing of touching uncommon textures in the gross games with green oatmeal (zombie brains) and cooked spaghetti (werewolf guts) or the minced noodles or digging for bugs with chopsticks in a big bowl of jell-o. There was much to experience today and it was wonderful to see how the children responded imaginatively to the opportunities presented....

Thanks all for making this Halloween fantastically fun!

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