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Owls, Sept 7

It was exciting to see this new group of Owls, a mix of the Burrowing Owls and Owls from last year, and some new faces! After learning each other's names, we played a new game (similar to gaga ball) and enjoyed the additions the Owls added! We discovered that this is a competitive group!

By introducing a variety of loose parts, we are observing what the Owls are interested in, what they might need to learn in order to pursue their goals, and what this particular group of Owls excels in. We think this group excels in: building, being creative, and exploring! They are also proficient at using knots and ropes to create what they need in a game!

We look forward to more adventures with this group next week! I (Lea) will keep you updated on who will be teaching with me each week! We hope to settle on a permanent teacher soon, but understand that this process takes time - we never settle! Once we have the perfect fit, we'll share the news!

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