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Owls, Sept 29

We were pleased and humbled to begin a discussion/conversation/exploration on reconciliation today; pleased because the class was respectful and truly wants to learn more about making connections with Indigenous ways of learning, and humbled because we know all of our learning comes from the generosity of the Indigenous community themselves, and we are grateful receivers and hopefully partners. There is a day of activities at Prince's Island Park on Friday the 30th if families want to check it out!

We are noticing that throughout free time, communication between two groups of children was challenging; with the help of a teacher/mediator, they were able to see each other's point of view, but being able to communicate intentions at the time seems to be a valuable skill we need to practice! We have ideas on how to foster that...stay tuned! There was a real pleasure in the natural beauty of fall and the bluff itself....from purple grass to burrs, from yellow leaves to bright orange/red berries, and from ladybugs to wheat grass, the environment gave us many things to marvel at! We even tried to harness the sun's energy, when that cloud moved away!

Connection Questions:

-where did you spend free time?

-is there anyone you wish you could talk to to straighten something out?

-what natural thing did you wonder at today?

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