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Owls, Sept 22

We have begun a new game: Bees Vs. Wasps. It is a challenge we put to the class in order to create community and unity among them...and they are rising to the challenge! The teachers tried to set the bar at 9 minutes...but the first two Owls who stepped up to be Wasps, Owen and Mika, blew that out of the water with 28 minutes! We are working on the game to make it better for everyone, but fair to the wasps. So...mission accomplished!

The Owls are also very interested in working with metal; they have created a forge where they hammer metal flat and then shape it to a tool they are interested in. Others are working on a zipline, which always presents challenges in finding the right tree, the right distance and the right rope!

Connection Questions:

-what works in the Bee vs. Wasps game, and what doesn't?

-what are you up to during the free time bit of the class?

-what was your 'marshmallow and maggot' for the class?

-how is your Sit Spot carving going?

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