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Owls, October 5th

The Owls tend to start the day with tons of energy. Perhaps its the chill in the air or the excitement to spend the day amongst the trees. So we started the day with games. These included an Owl favourite - The Moose Game - now with two moose and a new game called Foot Tag. This game got everyone running and hoping around. The objective is to tag your opponents foot before they tag yours. Kind of like a foot version of a thumb war. It's super tricky and takes skill, strategy and stamina. This game is a Dene game from Northern Canada.

While the game continued Bean and Tucky wandered a little afield and started braiding grass into ropes. Bean taught Tucky the technique and interest from the others was sparked. We spent a good amount of time trying different cordage techniques and trying out different things to make with the grass rope.

Before lunch we hiked down to the other side of the bike track to pick mint that is growing on the edge of the bluff. This sparked lots of excitement and appreciation for just how wonderful mint is! The Owls ate and harvested it to make mint tea with lunch. We talked about the Honourable Harvest and what we should be aware of when we forage/harvest. We wondered if this particular mint was invasive to the area, how it reproduced (by seed or root or both), how to harvest it without damaging the plant and if any animals on the bluff would be relying on the mint to get through the winter.

On the way back to our spot we stopped for a little run around the bike park. To our delight we found that the tree fort had been added to and was now two levels with easy steps to get up. Hazel found a super comfy spot in the tree to have a little rest while the Owls brainstormed about setting up a tea shop for the Winter Market. While at the track we had a quick game of old fashioned tag up and down the different obstacles.

Back at our spot we settled down for lunch and a game of Wildlife Taboo. After lunch and as the tea steeped we set up the tool circle and a yarn station for the Owls to work on Winter Market items. We are getting quite a beautiful collection together. Some carved and wove Make the Stick Jump sticks, some worked on making their grass ropes into bowls and wreaths and some worked on the sign for the 'Minty Moose Tea Shop'. The Owls took breaks from crafting by trying out the slack line in a new and challenging spot. As the afternoon came closer to the end of the day we were asked if we could have one more run around the bike track. We packed up quickly and made our way down for another game of tag, to try out the new sign on the tree house, have a little birthday celebration for Calvin who brought cup cakes and a Rose and Thorn debrief.

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