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Owls, Oct 28

Our traditional, 'grossfest' of Halloween did not disappoint! Substituting 'interesting' foods for the money we usually use in a game called contraband pushed some outside of their comfort zone! At one point during the game, one group was finding it very hard to get close to the cache. Instead of saying the game wasn't fair, or it was too hard, the group gathered around and made an amazing strategy that worked! Ask your child what this was!

The Owls' passion right now is their play; we are looking forward to the time when we can share it with you! We are noticing what the children's roles are in the play; director, stunt director, prop maker, etc. They will be sent a copy of the script so they can research what props they need, and some have volunteered to write some narration for one of the scripts. I love the home/school connections this is making!

The Owls are also able to look outside of themselves as well. We are thinking deeply about how we can connect with the Every Child Matters movement; we chose to use our crocheted chains in orange to 'mark' a fence near us. We will discuss next week what we hope this memorial will provoke or encourage in those who see it.

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