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Owls, Oct 20

This week's class presented plenty of opportunities to work together.

During free time the Qinling Panda Herb Shop was a hub of activity. Walking up the hill to the shop helped keep Owls and teachers warm!

Foraging, trading, bargaining, and business planning were a big part of the play as the shop expanded its offerings and we enjoyed all the discoveries the last day of fall had to offer.

We took our knowledge of knots and basic tarp setup to the next level with the tarpitechture activity where we tried out different tarp shapes and setups.

We also introduced a new game, handball, which kept our passing and team strategy sharp, and enjoyed carving and decorating our meeple.

Up next - adding bigger goals and goalies to handball and building our meeple homes / a village.

Connecting questions:

  • Ask your Owl about their meeple design(s).

  • What was your Owl's role with the herb shop? Did they make any discoveries about the plants as they foraged or created products?

  • Did they have a favourite tarp shape and who did they work with during tarpitechture time?

  • What do they think of the new handball game we played at the beginning of class?

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