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Owls, Oct 14

We began our day with asking each child what goal or expectation they had for the day. Here is what they said, and how that was played out!

Tucky: he wanted it to snow. We did find him some ice on the river; the children took off their shoes and socks and got in the freezing water - they are either crazy or brave!

Hazel: she wanted to see a creature, not a squirrel. We actually found a frozen, dead squirrel during our Cops/Robbers game, and found a frozen mouse or vole during our lunch hour in the grassy ring!

Lucy: wanted to slide down a hill with slick frost. During our Cops/Robber game, she made a slide entry into the 'bank', which the robbers had to use to get in. She was satisfied with this!

Vita: wanted to see a fish. She did not see one, but some other girls saw one for her! She did put up with very cold feet at the river, acting like a fish herself!

Owen: He wanted the day to warm up. It did! He ended up in a t-shirt during their theatre practice, where he had a large role to play.

Safiya: wanted to cross a stream. All day, she carried around her boots for just this purpose! She did it, and was so pleased to be able to splash around!

Maryam: wanted to see a fish. She did! She also was quite the tricksters during the money game.

Mika: wanted to cross the stream and make a dam. She crossed the stream many times, and created a tiny dam to fulfill her goals!

Emery: wanted to play card tag. The only goal not fulfilled! Emery enjoyed using the watercolour pencils during our native plant study, taking her time to study the details.

Ellie: wanted to stay warm and dry! She mostly did! The warm part might have come during the car ride home, but she made great decisions on how to stay dry after her river trip!

Your child chose a native plant to observe during their Sit Spot. They drew it in their journals and tried to name it. For next week, could you try and find out what meaning this plant had for Indigenous people in our area? We talked about how this land might have looked the same the many years ago that Indigenous people lived here, before settlers came. These plants were here and used; what was the plant used for, either in Indigenous society (for example, a tool or material) or medicinally. Thank you!

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