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Owls, November 30

With our guest teacher today, Mr. Tyler, we enjoyed a few more drills and skills practice that we hadn't learned before. We are excited about versing the ROwls in a Double Ball game! We even made a flag with our team symbols on it. Double Ball is a totally new sport to us (it was played by the Blackfoot women over many kilometres) and it is hard to find any rule book for this game! This is a sign of the traditional practice of passing down information orally or through hands on teaching that is common to Indigenous cultures. In fact, Forest School uses the same principles, learning through the land and by doing, and we acknowledge that the Indigenous cultures in Canada have been teaching this way since the beginning of time.

But for the here and now, it makes it difficult to play this game with our Western brains! We are trying to make the rules as we go, and keep hem consistent between classes. We played so hard today we were collapsed on the grass in exhaustion by the end of it! We love it!

Our other main passion is preparing for the Winter Market; we have some amazing items to sell and are enjoying the creative process!

Also, ask your Owl:

  • how do you play Bat/Moth? Which is harder for you?

  • can you tell me about the predator/intuition game? Have you ever had the experience where you felt someone watching you?

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