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Owls, Nov 7

During the winter months, we come inside the Cabin to eat our lunch, use the washroom and have an experience shared with us by an Owl. Today, and for the month of November, Mika is leading us in a sketching exploration. We looked at framing and use of colour to enhance our drawings. Thanks Mika! We are also building a zipline, playing in a wolf pack, and using the fire rope challenge to explore animal adaptations. For example, like the hummingbird who can fly backwards, the challenge was to go on the fire hose backward. Like the sperm whale who can dive 2 km down for food, we had to hang on, dive down and pick up a rope, and resurface!

For next week, can your child bring one animal adaptation (a way they have adapted over time to better serve their needs in their environment) and think of a way to move across the rope using that adaptation? Thank you!

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