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Owls, Nov 4

The Owls worked hard mentally and physically during a series of games. We continued with our communication theme by creating Morse code clues for the other team to interpret and and find specific objects. At first we were a little uncertain how the game would play out (even the teachers!) With some clarification questions from the Owls we created an enjoyable game that stretched us. The prize for the winning team was to guide Ms Lea through the Walk of Fear - BAREFOOT!! The raw eggs and mouse traps were avoided (just) but it was acceptable to take her through jello and tomato soup!

Unfortunately, the orange crochet chains we had set up last week had disappeared, however this didn't deter us from finishing up the Every Child Matters art on the bluff. More crochet was created and a string letter sign put together and attached to the fence. When we finished we talked about what conversations may come from people seeing the visual reminder that every Child Matters.

Next week we will help the Owls write their biographies, which will feature in the play program. You can help them with this by initiating their ideas. Some points to consider: Any previous acting experience, why they like this production, hobbies and interests, anyone they would like to thank for their support.

Connecting Questions:

What was your confusion as we started the Morse code game and did this lessen as you got in to the game?

Was there a patch of snow on the bluff?

How clear does a code need to be written?

What was your comfort level in the walk of fear?

Was it easier to walk or to be guided?

What conversations do you hope to spark through the Every Child Matters art?

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