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Owls, Nov 3

After weeks of interest in metal working and spending time in our own "forge" on the bluff, which is what some of the children have named the concrete barriers at the end of the path (an ideal spot for hammering metal), our field trip to Dark Age Creations enabled us to see a real blacksmith at work heat treating knives and swords. On the way we had the opportunity to play hand ball on flat ground (an interesting change and still a challenge in the deep snow!) and explore Stanley Park.

At the shop we learned a bit about the history of the "dark ages" or the part of medieval era before many written records were kept, got some tips on how to build a homemade forge, and saw the heat treating process, which makes the blade of knife or sword stronger, in action! The Owls had many questions for Lane, the blacksmith, about the science of how blacksmithing works and about how he got into his career. It was a highlight to see someone who is passionate about their work. At the shop and on the way home we learned a bit more about what some of the Owls want to do when they grow up - for instance, we have an aspiring paramedic and pilot in our midst!

Connecting questions

  • Who did you sit with on the train?

  • What games did you play to stay warm in the park?

  • What stood out to you about the history or science of sword making?

  • What materials would you need to make a forge at home or on the bluff?

At the end of the visit once we had seen the process several times some Owls took turns putting on a protective glove and helping Lane move the blade in and out of the forge:

Our journey to and through Stanley Park:

At Dark Age Creations:

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