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Owls, Nov 24

This week the Owls put their fire building skills to the test with the five by five challenge: Light a fire using 5 or fewer matches and keep it burning for 5 minutes. Working in teams, they had the opportunity to take on their favourite roles to help their group succeed, whether it was building the fire (like Mariam the log cabin architect), lighting the fire (like Joe the match master), or keeping the fire alive (like Tucky the fire breathing dragon). Ask your Owl what role they played, if their team had a special strategy, or if they learned something new.

After some drawing lessons at lunch, sled building and sliding down the path took up the greater part of the afternoon. We have a kicksled in the works, some added slipperier material to the bottom of their sleds, and others perfected their snowboarding technique. There was much discussion and debate about the sledding competition that happened later in the day and this has given the teachers an idea for what could happen next week if we get a fresh fall of snow . . . Stay tuned to find out!

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