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Owls, Nov 18

The Owls are enjoying taking on different personas, not only in their acting roles in the play but also through exploring the theme of spying and codes. During sit spot the Owls were challenged to spy on people moving through the bluff, could they see anyone using their phone? Hear the name of a dog being called? Find someone wearing a hat, with a thermos mug? Some spies were incognito, hiding during their observations. Other spies took the direct approach, asking owners the names of their dog! There was much discussion about how everyone had been spying.

A camping escape room game filled our morning, with two teams competing to crack the codes and win a prize. There is plenty competitive spirit in the Owls and we are impressed with the way they fully participate in any games we play and then come together as a whole group afterwards with no 'sore loser' feelings. Their resilience enables them to move on to another competitive challenge or collaborative play. It's so great spending time with them!

Maryam began her art classes, starting with drawing Baby Yoda. Her preparation was evident, she talked us through the steps slowly and clearly and we all were successful creating our interpretation of Baby Yoda. Next class we might be drawing a Tie Fighter or the Death Star, whatever it is we're looking forward to it.

Connecting Questions:

How did you spy on people on the bluff? What did you notice?

How did your team work together during the escape room game? What did you help with in the group?

What was unique about your Baby Yoda drawing?

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