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Owls - Nov 16

Today was all about games for the Owls, with some trebuchet building in the mix. The fresh dump of snow was a great surprise and we had fun taking advantage of it and doing some sledding. It was so slippery and steep to get back up the hill we had to figure out a rope system to use.

Some of the games we had fun with today were Moose, Contraband, Capture the flag and a scavenger hunt to find the hidden items from our Capture the Flag game, haha!

The Trebuchet building project was definitely a challenge, but both groups (we split into 2 groups for this activity) found a way to build something that functioned. It was good to see their minds at work problem solving, prototyping and working through the challenges of design and building. Both groups persevered and although neither trebuchet would be ready to take down the walls of an enemy castle, new skills were learned and earned!

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