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Owls, Nov 12

The Owls are excelling at handball, and ready for a bigger field! We'd like to expand our skills: passing, intercepting, and running a lot! It's very hard to run in all our winter gear, but we stayed warm!

The highlight for many today was the sledding; the snow changed so much over the course of the day! In the morning, becasue of our multiple runs down the same track, we packed down the snow so much it was very slippery! We had to think of a way of stopping the Owls at the bottom of the hill, like an army plane does when it lands on an aircraft carrier. We tried out one idea before lunch (ask your Owl what it was!). Over lunch, we discussed some ideas (which included a hook, a zipline and an overhead rope) and drew out some plans. We talked about the forces involved, and the factors: mass, (the more people on the sled, the faster it went), speed, distance (where they started), gravity and friction. However, upon returning to the hill we discovered that the sun had melted the snow and it was more dirt and grass than anything! We were disappointed, and were sad it was so warm!

So, we made more sleds (including using a cat bed and a dog food bag) and the moved to work on fire skills! In preparing our first fire, we were able to see what the skills were in the group. Getting the fire lit seemed to be no challenge, but keeping it lit was the problem! We will continue to build our skills next week with some campfire cooking!

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