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Owls, May 9

Let's begin at the end today...with our debrief/reflection question. We asked everyone; Do you think you could live at Machen and Tucky's house? Without any hesitation, there was a resounding chorus of "Yes!". They loved their day in this beautiful space; ask your Owl why they said yes! Then we asked Tucky and Mac if they could live in the city...a strong no was heard!

From petting and coralling the chickens, to brushing the horses, to finding moose tracks, to trying to hunt a grouse for lunch (ask your Owl!) we saw a fair amount of wildlife, but never enough for Mira.

We tried to do things we couldn't in our Bluff; cut down trees (because we could!), buck them up, then carry them back to the house; harvest willow (stay tuned for some amazing willow art at the Market next week!), 'hunt' pussy willows, and play on the zipline.

However, I think our highlight was the amazing pizza oven. Jared prepared the oven for us, getting it nice and hot, and Jenny had copious amounts of dough for us to roll and create our own pizzas with. Together, we had a feast like no other, even getting into dessert pizzas! I know I ate more pizzas than I can count; what was your Owls' favourite one?

All in all, we're so thankful for the Weibe's generosity in hosting us, for Rodney getting us there, and for the amazing spirit of the all the Owls!

Next week, come and see what we've been making! There will be a Spring Market at the entrance of the Bluff this Thursday from 3:00 - 4:30. If your Owl can stay longer to help sell items, they are welcome to!

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