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Owls, May 27

Updated: May 31, 2021

It was so wonderful to have the class back together, safely distanced! We used the morning time to keep going with the Races at the Fair theme, which are a hit! Ask your child which they favourite race was, as well as their hardest!

Before lunch, we took a moment to plan our final beading project. After lunch, we sewed in the sunshine and took our time to create our pattern. We found it took a lot of concentration and mental effort, but it wasn't hard. They are beautiful!

During lunch time, Mika introduced us to a new game of Head Honcho - she explained it so well we got it right away! We look forward to more lunchtime HH! Vita took off on this theme and got us to play a game with a queen and giving complements...which morphed into 'clans'...which changed into wizard school...which involved completing tasks to be entered and levelled up...which moved into team Zombie Ant! It's so good to be together again! Ask your child what their tasks were, and what level they made it to!

See you next week!

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