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Owls, May 18

We spent the day today getting ready for our market, while taking some inside breaks due to the smoke. Everyone was hard at work, and keen to discuss appropriate pricing. We had some great ideas on target audience, competitive pricing and flash sales!

During our outside times, we are enjoying a few games. One is called Nutty Squirrels, where each player must use senses other than their eyes to locate ammo (the nuts) and hit a target (other squirrels). Sometimes they have a parent to guide them with a secret language, sometimes they don't! We continued this idea with "Where's my Dinner?", a game where intuition and cunning must play hand in hand to capture the Osprey's fish! We will continue these ideas next week!

The market, thanks to you all, was a success! The Owls were soooo proud of their achievements and grateful for the hard work they put into their authentic metropolis experience! This week we will decide what to do with our earnings, as a class, and count it!

Ask your Owl:

  • is there anything you would do differently for a Market, if we did another one?

  • what is one good strategy to use in the Where's My Dinner game?

  • What was the secret language you used in Nutty Squirrel?

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