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Owls, May 16th

The Spring Market was a wonderful success! Thank you to everyone who stopped by. The Owls worked hard planning for the market and making merchandise. After some quick warm up games we dedicated the rest day on Thursday to market prep.

In the business to make the most money, the Owls debated what would be the biggest sellers. Simon had a million and one wonderful ideas. If only we could do them all!

From willow that was collected from Tucky and Machen's house the Owls made an array of wreaths, crowns, pussy willow bouquets, stick and hoops and wands. Seed bombs were also produced with exuberance. Ask your Owl what product they thought sold the best. What was the most profitable? What sold well and didn't take much time or supplies to make? The big questions the teachers had was is it best to have a little scam going to make the most money or is it more profitable to sell the best of the best.

Before setting up the market the Owls paired off in a good old imagination game that had them running all over the bluff. Anaia was a queen on the run. Bean was the Queen's trusty dragon. Mira started out as a protector of the Queen, but betrayed them to Huxley, Machen and Tucky who were headhunters looking for the queen.

After lunch the Owls went down the hill to set up shop. Just as they were setting up a dark cloud rolled in with some big winds. Tarps were strung in haste and the market goods were displayed. This took some time. While some of the Owls focused on setting up the market others opted for football and frisbee golf drills.

It took patience to wait for customers and courage to invite strangers to shop.

P.S The videos are worth watching with the sound on!

Especially the next one!

Once the parents trickled in the Owls went into full selling mode. We are delighted with the winners of the draws. Breanne won the Squirrel's felted art that was donated to the cause. Mrs. Celine won the Owl's beautiful art piece and Tucky's family won the Cloudy With A Chance of Shrek Balls flag.

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