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Owls, May 11

We're ready for the market next week! This afternoon in the cabin kitchen we made poplar bud salve alongside dandelion bread and jelly after spending the morning foraging and crafting. We created signs and crocheted and carved to add to our market wares. The Owls are excited to share their work with you and families are welcome to come at 2:30 to see what's on sale.

Connecting questions from today:

  • What are you making for the market? Did you learn any new skills today in the preparation?

  • Who makes an ideal teammate for handball? What do you do that makes you a good teammate?

  • What was your communication strategy in Nutty Squirrel? Did it work or would you like to tweak it?

Working on the dandelion jelly and poplar bud salve in the kitchen...

Crafting our wares...

Making signs...

Postering the neighborhood...

Playing Nutty Squirrel!

We began the day with Handball and transitioned to Nutty Squirrel. During both games it was evident how much the Owls are using their emotional as well as physical intelligence as they worked on coming up with good communication strategies, chose teams, negotiated rules, and managed strong feelings when the score was close. We're proud all of the ways they are growing and persevering through challenges in the midst of all the fun they have.

Se you at the market!!!

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