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Owls, March 17

I think we can safely say this class is a 'games class'. They truly love to play together, and will keep finessing and tweaking a game until they feel it is prefect. Then, when it needs to be more challenging, they change the rules to make it harder for themselves! This is the way things are progressing with our football games; we started with a very basic version, which we all loved, and are now at the point where our strategies and our passing are so good, we added 'turnovers' to make the scoring harder. Have your Owl describe for you our many rules for football, and see if you recognize it!

The debrief today was also very rich; we are practicing noticing the experiences and perspectives of the others in our class. Today, they had to act out someone else's experience, and we had to guess who it was. We were very successful in recognizing key moments for people in our day!

Ask your Owl:

-who do you think has a good strategy in Fox Tails?

-who likes the game of football the least? Why do you think so?

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