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Owls, March 10

We started by remembering what we had done last week at Tucky's house. Using charades to act out our memories we were reminded of many good things.

Part of the group took up a challenge to spell out words in cheer poses. Can you see what they created?

The Owls love of deer stalking continues and having tried a different location last week and knowing how it changed the game, this week we walked along the river to find another new spot to play. We walked to Prince's Island Park, stalking geese on the way, and played the game a few different ways. At some point on the visit killer unicorns were stalking us and were quite mischievous!

Connecting Questions

- What was your fieldtrip charade you acted?

- What were you aiming to spell out in cheer? What were the challenges to this happening?

- What do you like about deer stalking?

- What did the killer unicorns do? Did you see them?

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