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Owls, June 8

This group has grown in it's communication styles and ability to complete tasks together. We offered them some challenges this morning that would hopefully have them dig deep; it's good to observe how they are outside of their comfort zones. I can report that they have much improved! From a wall climb, to a Blind Fetch, they have really grown in trusting each other and looking out for each other.

Ask your Owl what their hardest challenge was, and what they learned about themselves during it.

Working on our bo staffs at the Cabin was rewarding - the designs are amazing. We used the wood burners to etch the staffs and make their our will see what we can do on the last day!

Our time at the river was special and refreshing. We were able to get a little wet, some more than others, while still staying away from the current! From floating rafts to catching tiny fish, we were practicing what we're calling "obedience training" ; following instructions right away, which shows they can do the river and rafting trip!

Our Sit Spot was a quiet time of concentration, making Gravity Glue rock sculptures: Ask your Owl what theirs looked like, and what their challenge was!

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