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Owls, June 15

With the weather changing our plans today was our last day on the bluff, so we took time to look back on the year, writing in each other's journals and creating a timeline of highlights from our year. Our friendships have grown strong and we'll miss this weekly time together!

We also revisited a favourite team building activity - the traverse we did in the winter during our series of survival challenges. It was evident how the Owls have grown in confidence and teamwork as they tackled the challenge together, agreeing easily on their strategy and supporting each other at each step. After completing it once, with some using unique new strategies, they even decided to try it blindfolded!

In addition to our usual free time favourites - crocheting and tool circle, some of us attempted sewing grass baskets, and we took advantage of all the thick foliage and long grass to try deer stalking (a slower moving but still active game for the smoky afternoon). Both were great ways to enjoy all that summer has to offer on the bluff.

We're looking forward to rafting next week and will see you 9 am at West Baker Park!

Connecting questions:

- What was your strategy for the traverse? What worked for you physically and was it different from what worked for your classmates?

- Who was the hardest to sneak up on when deerstalking? What helped you succeed in sneaking up?

- What is one memory that stands out to you from the year?

- Who is a friend you hope to stay in contact with?

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