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Owls, January 12

The Owls have been hiking together, just above the tree line in the mountains, where we assessed the avalanche risk to be possible but minimal. Unfortunately, because of the warm weather, an avalanche did occur, blocking us in to our site. We don't know how long we'll be trapped, but we know we have the skills to survive and will test them out each week! Today we started with our shelter; the group decided on smaller group shelters built in a circle around a central fire. Everyone has a solid frame, and will add to it as the weeks go by! We will tackle our next challenge next week...well, I'm not going to give it away! What is the next important thing we need, Owls?

We are also loving our games; today we tried out Quidditch (we needed to alter some rules, but we made it!) and will experiment with rugby next week. Thanks for all your energy Owls!

During each of our games, we pause to make group decisions, something we have been learning since September. We are very good at it now, and very diplomatic! Ask your Owls about the backpack carrying consequence from Quidditch!

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