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Owls - January 11, 2024

As temperatures drop and a blanket of fresh snow covers every inch of the forest, the Owls come prepared with full on winter gear, some even had their ski goggles on.

We kept warm by playing a new game we called 'No rules Bucket Ball", picture basketball with no dribbling, running and passing the ball like football and tackling involved as well! We quickly warmed up after a few games, ask your Owl what they enjoyed most about it. Tackling was enjoyed by most of them we decided to just play a Reverse Tag Tackling.

The rest of the morning was spent sledding down the hill and creating new tracks to go down on. It was great to see the Owls enjoy being outdoors and playing in the snow, so very proud of how well they did in the below zero temperatures.

We headed back to the cabin to work on our leather double balls and finishing touches on their double ball sticks, all in preparation for the Big Game! Stay tuned the long awaited game of Double Ball with the Rowls will take place by the end of the month and the students have been working hard on preparing the equipment by hand. Ask your Owl how they made the handle on their double ball stick and how to make a double ball by hand.

We had a blast indoors playing some of their favourite card and board games. We played "Claytionary" with home made clay and some Sting Ray origami.

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