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Owls, Jan 6

There was lots going on today, especially games to keep warm and for the most part we did. We played Tug of War, Snow Football, and 3-legged races before heading inside to escape the wind. Everyone did great despite the cold.

Everyone was thinking fast playing the board game, Alias. One person gave clues to a word that everyone else had to guess. Vita shared a new episode of the play she had written, which sparked new interest in practicing the more unfamiliar scenes. This is the last episode in the first series and there was talk of the premiere for families happening in Spring - stay tuned!

We spent the last part of class outside again, sledding on a non-slippy hill, trying to find the best sled to use and the position that would make the sled go fastest. On the way back to the meeting spot the Owls tried another sled run, which they preferred so much more, it funneled them down the hill like a bobsleigh track.

Connecting Questions:

Did you like wrestling or being wrestled in Snow Football?

What was different practicing the play inside?

How do you make maple syrup snow?

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