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Owls, Jan 23

If you look at these pictures bottom to top, you can see the story of our day! We began by collecting wood for a small fire to cook on. Two weeks ago, we asked the Owls to begin to plan one part of the day. This is a step in taking ownership for their own learning and needs. So, a fire with banana boats it was! They are so skilled now at finding the right sizes and types of wood, and sticking around until the job is done. We are also enjoying the felting we work on at lunch, making gnomes and balls. Jessie is training us in the Sargent game - ask your child for the lines to say! For our Chill Time, we are making drum kits to take with us. This was week three of working on the large drum, and I think we've settled on the skin for the top! Now, to add the rest of the kit!

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